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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 2

Having gone from airport to shooting at 2 locations, Saturday 29 October was our first full day of filming. We started as we would (not) continue – with a pre-day production meeting in a cafe. Ah well, it was a good start anyway!

Reykjavík flea market was our first stop, for a range of “atmospheric” shots, before heading off for our appointment with Paul Fontaine, of Reykjavík Grapevine. Well, nearly. Slight change in plans and we switched to filming the election queues, today being the Icelandic national elections.

Shots done, it was back to the Grapevine and our interview with Paul Fontaine. Part of the discussion related to the day’s elections and what he anticipted might happen. But more of that to come!

A brief stop at KEX Hostel brought the first of our contacts with Tófa – an initial “get to know you, see if you’re interested kind of thing. The events of the following week or so will hopefully spell out the answer.

Final stop for the day was the Pirate Party part (as in the post-election party). A few great interviews, including with Ásta Guðrún Helgadóttirand we were done for the night (well mostly – the camera crew, as always had downloads, backups and battery recharging to attend to and the director and producers a review of the next day’s schedule).

Nevertheless, a happy band of filmmakers made it to bed not too far into the early hours of the morning.

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