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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 8

It was back to kindy to start day 8. Well, back to the kindergarten Teitur Magnússon went to as a child, for an acoustic performance before the current group of kids and then an interview. We’d love to have filmed the happy smiling faces of the chidren, but a strict condition of filming was that the childrens faces were not to be seen.

Out into the brisk, but dry, weather for a trip to Harpa and to catch up with Solstafir for their sound check and then an interview. The band was scheduled to perform the closing set later Friday night and we would be there as well, filming from both the hall and the photo “pit”.

Sound check and interview “in the can”, it was time to do the same with the band Dream Wife. The group had just been on a well received, multi performance tour of the UK and we were very pleased that they were able to spend the time with us for the interview, particularly as Rakel was not in the best of health.

We then split our cameras across a number of venues to capture the Airwaves performances of Dream Wife, Samaris and Solstafir

A stunningly good day.

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