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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 9

The early morning finish Saturday had to be backed up Saturday proper with an iterview with Henny María Frímannsdóttir, who carries responsibility for the Airwaves festival. Given that we were in the midst of the festival, it was extremely generous of Henny to give us some of her precious time and greatly appreciated.

From Harpa to Bíó Paradís for our scheduled screening of Sans Soleil and our day 9 shoot was well under way.

Half the crew was then given a “leave pass” for a few hours, while Peter, Rick and Álfheiður returned to Harpa for the special, ticketed event by Björk. A superb performance, we left having found another Tófa fan in the crowd and headed off for the next Airwaves engagement – Tófa at Gaukirinn.

Our third opportunity to film them live, they didn’t disappoint, despite a few technical issues mid-gig with the power – but with a little encouragement, Allie lead the crowd in a few yoga elements and when the power came back they picked up where they’d left off.

Late in the evening we found ourselves at a slightly more remote location for a “secret punk party” at the invition of Kælan Mikla. We stepped from there into a very cold night and back to the “Residence” for a little well earned rest.

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