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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 18

Today the film team split. It was time for Peter and Rick to say goodbye to Cole, Rob and Álfheiður so that those 3 could travel back to Reykjavík for a final interview and for Cole and Rob to take their flights out of Ísland.

Along with Alfreð, Peter and Rick were travelling north along the ring route, taking the “long way home” to Reykjavík and first stop at dawn (about 9:30) was the diamond beach. Spectacular locatations and scenery awaited us.

We were most grateful to have Alfreð guiding and driving us, taking us to the places that mattered for our project. His extensive experience also gave us insight into some to the behind-the-scenes goings-on from a multitude of prior filming assignments in Ísland (think Fortitude, Trapped, The Fast and the Furious for example).

Quite a day into night at Egilstaðir before the drive east-nor-east to Akureyri on day 19.

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