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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tulum World Environ





Ursula was filmed in the Arctic Circle in September 2017 and completed in late November 2018.

Written, directed, filmed and edited by Rick Davies, it was submitted for entry into the Fleurieu Film Festival on 22 November 2018.

Produced by Rick and Peter Hanlon, the music to the film is the track Creepin' by Icelandic band Tófa. It is the same track (but different part) as featured in the closing sequences of Atlantis, Iceland, the first film by Living Not Beige Films and is yet another connection between the 2 films.

Hendon Studios recorded the narration of Marla Couper Larsen as the voice of Ursula and created the final mix.

Ursula will screen as part of the Tulum World Environment Film Festival in the Short Films, Climate Change category between 15 and 21 July 2019. This follows well received screenings at Northwestfest, Edmonton, Canada on 4 May 2019 and the Fleurieu Film Festival on 9 February 2019. 

FINALIST - Fleurieu Film Festival - 2019


Climate change has consequences for life across the globe. 


Evolved over the millennia for life in the extreme cold, polar bears easily overheat through exertion when the weather is warm. However, the sudden spike in Arctic air temperature is not the species’ major threat.


The polar bear relies on the northern sea ice to feed and breed – to exist. 


Climate change is significantly diminishing the volume of sea ice each year, meaning less time on the ice and fewer feeding opportunities. More time in the sea, with increased cub mortality rates, or more time on the land, with increased possibility of contact with the human population, are the plight of the polar bear. 


Reduction in the sea ice also means easier human access to the region through tourism. Tourism means more humans in the habitat of the polar bear.


And that means more contact between the two species ...

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Rick Davies

Meet the cast and crew: 

Director's statement

Ahead of a planned, late 2017 return trip to the North Atlantic, Peter Hanlon challenged Rick - "write a short film that we can make while on holidays”. 


Inspired by the destination, Baffin Island and Greenland, the impact of global warming was the most active thought in Rick’s mind. He recalled a particular piece of vision from Atlantis, Iceland and the concept for Ursula was formed.

Shot in the Arctic circle in September 2017, Ursula was completed in late November 2018 for submission to the 2019 Fleurieu Film Festival, the theme of which is "Climate Change - Hot Topic/Kool Films".


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