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A filmmaker, banker and an artist walk into a bar in Reykjavik

A filmmaker, banker and an artist walk into a bar in Reykjavik, to have a beer. With a band.

[Well, the artist had a glass of wine as it happens, but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!]

**spoiler alert**

The band was Pink Street Boys, self described as proponents of ‘tough garage soul rock ‘n’ roll’ and one of the acts Living Not Beige Films is planning to film during the Iceland Airwaves festival. You’ll read more about that later, believe us!

Returning to the story, the boys are sitting in the bar, having a quiet sip, when on comes the 10:00pm news on RÚV (Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – think of Australia’s ABC). The lead item on the news – the picture from earlier today says it all.

Yep, Living Not Beige Films and its Atlantis, Iceland project was the lead item, with Director / Writer Peter Hanlon fronting the cameras in what was a two to three minute story from the capital, Reykjavik.

How did that happen, you might well ask? (Believe us, we sure did!) Well, as with all things related to Living Not Beige Films and the Atlantis, Iceland project, it sort of just did – our positive energy attracted a bit of attention: a call is received, a conversation follows, a studio is made available, a TV film crew turns up and presto – lead news item. Not just a filler, but the LEAD item on the national news.

What else could happen on this adventure? Well, given that we’re catching up with the leader of the poll-leading Pirate Party (and with other political groups) on Saturday as Iceland votes, we’re accredited media with ‘pit passes’ for Airwaves, will be at the Punk Museum opening with Dr Gunni (oh yeah, and John Lydon) and seem to be getting known in town a mere two days after the advance team arrived – who knows? We think you’ll just have to keep following the blog and our regularly irregular social media posts (we’re streaming our updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so there’s a platform for pretty much everyone!) to find out. Trust us, we’re living-it-as-it-comes, open to opportunity, and we’re happy for you to share in this amazing experience as best you can.

With Cole and Rick less than 10 hours from departure, and with updates likely in transit, you’ll have to stay tuned – this is already one hellavaride!

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