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Ursula - our 2017 filming engagement

In September 2017, Peter, Alison, Rick and Tricia will be amongst the passengers aboard the Ocean Adventurer as she sails from Iqaluit on Baffin Island into the Arctic circle.

Following 3 weeks in Iceland in October and November 2016 for the filming of Atlantis, Iceland, it was inevitable that Peter and Rick would look upon the trip as an opportunity for another Living Not Beige Films northern hemisphere production.

In April, Peter set the challenge - "Rick, write a short film that we can make on the Arctic trip". Tricia upped the ante - "Make it a comedy". And so began the trail that brings us to Ursula. A film, yes. A comedy, well that might depend on how black your sense of humour is!

The Arctic is one of the fastest warming parts of the planet. The annual sea ice coverage is reducing and it is retreating earlier. For polar bears, that means big trouble. They rely on the sea ice to hunt their primary food sources, the ringed and bearded seal. Without sea ice, the polar bears must spend more time swimming in open water, hunting. Mothers and cubs stay close in the first few years. If the adult is forced in to the water to hunt, it means the young must go too. Hungry polar bears and the long swims mean significantly increased mortality rates.

With dwindling food sources and the increase in Arctic tourism, the risk of contact between humans and polar bears cannot but increase.

Ursula tells a tragic tale of the consequences of that increased risk.

Ursula is slated for release in 2018 and intended to be Living Not Beige Films' entry for the 2018 film festival circuit.

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