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Website re-lauch

Over the past little while, we have been working diligently in the background preparing a completely new-look, added functionality website in readiness for the launch of Atlantis, Iceland.

Tessa Hanlon, of Blue Eyed Communications, is the design force behind the new site and we are indebted to Tessa for her great work.

With Tessa located in Houston, Texas, Peter in the UK (and Ireland) and Rick in Adelaide (or Sydney or Perth) we’ve truly been able to work around the clock to bring the website-refresh project to fruition in the shortest possible time.

The new landing page provides navigation to all 3 of our current projects, Atlantis, Iceland, Ursula and Reckoning.

Go exploring the Atlantis, Iceland page and you’ll be rewarded with videos and over 100 images, including (mostly thanks to Rob Habel) a number of behind-the-scenes shots. It is one of those that graces the new landing page – Cole, Peter and Rick with the statute Konungar Atlantis (King of Atlantis) in the Einar Jónsson sculpture garden in Reykjavík. There’s also a link to the Electronic Press Kit and downloadable EPK document – all in readiness for what may happen later in the year!

Links take you to the Living Not Beige Films Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook pages.

The blog page give access to all of our current and past blogs and the landing page also displays our most recent Facebook posts.

We’re a few weeks away from hearing about our submissions to the Adelaide Film Festival and the Reykjavík International Film Festival.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from visitors to the site.

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