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Blue Eyed Pop

In our post last week Filming Locations #1, we spoke briefly of Dr Gunni. What we didn’t say then, is that Dr Gunni is (amongst other things) the author of a book or two, including Blue Eyed Pop – The History of Popular Music in Iceland.

What we also didn’t mention at the time, was that we found out about Dr Gunni and the Punk Museum because Rick’s daughter-in-law Morgan had arranged a copy of the book as a going away present. When arranging its delivery Morgan mentioned Living Not Beige Films to Dr Gunni and, well, as is with most things with Atlantis, Iceland, stuff just happened.

We’ll be at the opening and, as we also found out last week, John Lydon will be there too.

Of course, as things seem to happen in this adventure, the book arrived in Rick’s hands this evening. The day before he and Cole head off to join Peter, Rob and the Sagafilm team in Reykjavik. So the book is flying back to Iceland tomorrow with aim of having it marked with at least a few signatures at the Punk Museum opening. In the meantime, it will mean some interesting reading in the 26+ hour transit to that antipodean land to the north. Fun times ahead in this amazing ride.

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