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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 4

First port of call on day 4 was the Sagafilm offices for an interview with Asgrimur Sverrisson, maker of the current worldwide release Reykjavík. Asgrimur had read that the film Sans Soleil had been voted 3rd best documentary of all time and that it had a iconic opening scene, that has been filmed in Iceland. With that information, he started a search to find out about that scene and who was in it. And now, Living Not Beige Films was finding out what he did and what happened next (but you, dear reader, won’t find out just yet).

From Sagafilm it was off to Mt Esja and then the Einar Jónsson park for some shots for Atlantis, Iceland then to Hljómskálagarður for a kick and a catch with Friðgeir Torfi, a player in the Ice AFL.

With the red Sherrin carefully packed by Peter (and inflated with some trepidation by Álfheiður) safely in Friðgeir’s grateful hands (seems there’s not much call for Sherrins in Iceland, whether red or yellow) it was off to Lucky Records again.

This time, it was to film our new friends Tófa in one of their “off venue” Airwaves festival performances. A great end to another solid day of filming and its was back to the Residence for the nightly chores of the filmmaker-on-location.

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