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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 6

Day 6 gave us the first Airwaves performances and our first live music recordings. But it was always going to be dominated by the intriguing possibility of getting John Lydon on film. Did we? Well, of course we did because this is #AtlantisIceland with @LivingNotBeigeFilms.

Getting into the day in order, our first interview and recording was with Teitur Magnússon, where we caught up with him at the sound check for his performance at Nasa.

With some great images “in the bag” it was off to a young, up and coming band, Kælan Mikla at the venue Iðnó.

From there, it was a pair of almost concurrent appointments – one being the opening of the punk museum, the other being the performance of Singapore Sling at KEX Hostel (where the famous KEXP Seattle radio station broadcasts of Airwaves are made and to whom we extend our thanks for mixer feeds).

As already mentioned above, we did of course, manage to capture Johnny Rotten on film. In the museum. Close up. Astounding.

Racing (in the sense of a walking in the rain) back to KEX Hostel, we arrived just in time for Singapore Sling’s gig, followed by an exclusive interview.

Then it was “back on our bikes” to our first Harpa recording and interview – CeaseTone – wrap up a fairly active day 6. And it has only just begun!

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