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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 5

Today was was always going to be a big day. It was Airwaves pass collection day and we had interviews scheduled with 3 high profile Icelandic identities in the music industry, politics and business. All were women, underlining the greater degree of equality that is one of the features of Icelandic society.

Interviews with Megan Horan of Iceland Music Export and renowned business identity Gudbjörg Edda Eggertsdóttir were later followed by the opening of Dr Gunni’s art exhibition at the fantastic @MokkaKaffi. And the 3rd interview, the politician, well it was (of course) #birgittaj Birgitta Jónsdóttir of the Pirate Party, a mere 3 days after the Iceland election and, at the time, with no government yet in place.

So how did it go? How else could it have gone other than amazingly – after all, this is #AtlantisIceland with #LivingNotBeigeFilms.

Megan was great. It was a wide ranging discussion on a number of topics (as we’ve said – we’re only going to give so much away). Having lived in Australia, Megan was able to share her thoughts on Vegemite v Marmite as well as give her significant insight into the life of a foreigner in Iceland. The editor of Iceland Music Export, Megan has a deep connection with the Iceland Airwaves festival and it was appropriate that the interview took place at Harpa, Reykjavik’s iconic concert hall and conference centre.

With the collection time for our @icelandairwavesfestival passes not yet upon us, we continued with some “environmental” shots within the magnificent Harpa.

The full #AtlantisIceland #LivingNotBeigeFilms crew now have their media passes, including the 3 photo-pit passes. It means we’ll be there, filming from the pit throughout Airwaves. Phenomenal. Over the next 5 day’s we’ll be sharing some shots of the bands we are filming for #AtlantisIceland (probably a few others too!).

From Harpa we were off to Tortuga, the Pirate Party headquarters in Reykjavik, for our scheduled interview with Birgitta Jónsdóttir @Piratar.Island. It is hard to put into words how we felt being in her office so soon after the election, with government yet to be formed, having her speak about the situation and the role that the Pirate Party was playing. Could this have happened anywhere else in the world? The leader of a party that has trebled its vote, has a strong influence in what will transpire in the governance of the country, spending time with a small, independent film making company from the opposite side of the earth? Astounding. Inspiring. Brilliant. #AtlantisIceland

Leaving the city centre we moved away to meet with Gudbjörg Edda Eggertsdóttir, former President of Iceland Strategic Projects at Actavis Group ehf, the Iceland based pharmaceutical company. Edda shared with us her experiences of the effects of the GFC on the Iceland economy, tourism and more. Further enhanced by the gorgeous view to the North from her home, Living Not Beige Films was again privileged to have shared time with another high profile Icelandic woman.

Last stop for the night (almost) was the opening at #MokkaKaffi of Dr Gunni’s art exhibition. Dr Gunni hopes to have hit upon a new way in which to fund his musical enterprises. His latest album has been produced in just 18 vinyl editions, each with its unique work of art as the cover. Buy the art to get the record – simple, effective, innovative – Gunnar Larus Hjalmarsson (Dr Gunni)

And so, from there it was a gentle stroll home, but wait – a wine bar? Behind our digs? That opened last week? Of course it did – because this is #AtlantisIceland and that’s what happens!

All of this, and Airwaves doesn’t start until tomorrow! We’re looking froward to Day 6, ’cause it rock and roll time!

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