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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 7

Day 7 kicked off with Hulli and Jono – Icetralia. For anyone who doesn’t know, these 2 guys are a briliantly funny pair with an ever increasingly wide audience for their weekly podcast on things Icelandic and Australian. We had the privilege of interviewing the guys and then filming the start of their podcast (with apologies to the litneers for the noise we made as we departed part way through.

A quick zip “around the corner” gave Rob the opportunity to view the artworks in the Ásgrímur Jónsson Museum, concluding with an interview with the curator, Rakel Pétursdóttir.

It was then back to KEX Hostel for the Samaris “off-venue” Airwaves performance in front of a packed house.

The weather being pretty good, we slipped out the back of KEX to interview Júníus Meyvant, a Vestmannaeyjar musician.

Then it was time for Rick and Rob to enjoy a 45 minute session of yoga, with a twist. The twist was that Allie, the Tófa vocalist, conducted the session with mic in hand while the other 4 Tófa band members; Árni, Kjartan, Andri and Jói provided a musical foundation for the session.

Fittingly, we then followed Tófa to the small records store 12 Tónar for another “off-venue” performance where the group were enthusiastically welcomed by the small (but packed) crowd.

To round out the Tófa-centric afternoon and early evening, it was over to the Bíó Paradís for an interview with the group.

Our final filming engagement for day 7 was the Pink Street Boys’ Airwaves performance at their “home” – Húrra. Again a packed crowd – it was difficult at times to get in an about with the cameras, but with an extra pair of hands (thanks Ingi) we had 3 cameras on duty to capture the performance and the atmosphere.

Another big day to end the first week’s shooting.

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