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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 10

Sunday morning in Reykjavík – a leisurely sleep-in for a few hours before surfacing to face the mid-day? That would definitely be not Living Not Beige Films and not Altantis Iceland!

Despite the early morning finish, by 9:30 we were on the road again heading off to catch up with Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir and have her show us around the nearby elf garden. A beautiful place, we were treated to tea and a wonderful interview with a very intresting woman. It was impossible to leave her with anything other than respect for her belief in the opportunity for peace and love in the human race. With the US election just around the corner, it was good to hear her positive thoughts of hope.

There was then a rare break for a little r’nr, before jumping back in the wagon to head off to the Reykjavík cemetery to meet up with Icelandic black metal proponents Hafsteinn Viðar and Tómas Ísdal for a (very) wet interview.

A little damp we then had a early(wish) night before ahead of the next day’s filming.

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