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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 11

First stop Monday morning was the studios of 365 miðlar to interview Kristján Már Unarson, the TV reporter who had made the 2015 TV report on the search for the girls in the opening sequence of Sans Soleil. We also gave Álfheiður a short trial as a newsreader – you never know – “watch this space”!

From studio to uni, we were then at the Háskóli Íslands (uni) to cahtch up with Ársæll Már Arnarsson, professor in social sciences who helped us gain a little more insight in to what it is that makes Iceland so intriguing.

Alþingi (the Icelandic parliament) was our next stop for our scheudled interview with Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Chairperson of the Left-Green Movement. Katrin was not only wonderfully candid with her views, but generous with her time. Dear readers, you must keep in mind that Living Not Beige Films was interviewing the chair of the second largest party, a week and a bit after the elections and with no clear path to formation of a government in sight. Yet here we were – as with oh-so-many-things – interviewing the person who could well be the Prime Minister within weeks. Its just Atlantis, Iceland!

From Katrin to Reykjavik Ink, where Cole added a “rune” to his tattoo collection. Thanks to RI, we reached over 3,500 people on facebook with our shared post. Amazing!

A catch up with a rehearsal of Tómas’s black metal ban Misþyrming was last item on the Monday schedule and meant another not-quite-so-late night.

Tomorrow is US election day, meaning a late night, because we have another astounding engagement – the US Embassy election party.

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