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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 15

Our last day on Heimaey, we had one interview, with Halldór Sveinsson, before the boat to take us back to the “mainland” that is Ísland.

Halldór is a local policeman and a good friend of former politician Árni Johnsen. He knows Heimaey well and is integral to our story. Again, there’s only so much we are willing to give away before the release of Atlantis, Iceland. You’ll have to wait (but not too long, we hope).

From Halldór’s home, it was off to the Eldheimar volcano musueum, built around the remains of one of the homes engulfed by ash in the 1973 Eldfell eruption.

With bad weather all morning and for our return passage, Rick again worked on the backups while the crew got the best out of their chemically enhanced sleeps.

Well dark by the time we reached port, there was a 2-or-so hour drive to Vik to round out our mostly-transit day. We were now on the south coast, looking forward to a shift in the filmic opportunities from human subjecs to those of Iceland’s stunning nautural wonders.

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