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Atlantis, Iceland shoot – day 20

A white-dark start to the morning, with a blizzard heading our way later in the day. Our timing to depart Akureyri to head back to Reykjavík was very well timed (and well planned by Alfreð).

It was pretty much white-out for the first few hours, but stunning neverthless. Over the mountain passes before the worst of the storm, we were treated to sunshine late in the day as the capital loomed.

The late afternoon brought a final meeting with our in-country production assitants, Sagafilm and then it was off for a few nibbles before we received our final guests for one, last, interview. It should surprise few, that it was our friends from Tófa, Árni and Allie.

We wrapped up a bit after 11:30 pm and with a 4:30 am wake-up ahead fo us for a 5 am drive to the ariport, it was time to make that final pack and get some (a little) shut-eye, our Ísland shooting activites now complete.

We headed to bed, not merely satisfied with what we had acheived, but astounded by what had happened, the opportuniities that had both arisen and been taken, the friendliness, openness and support of our Ísland friends, colleagues and acquaintences and so wonderfully happy with what we’d done.

Unlike anything else. Thank you Ísland.

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